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Published on January 7th, 2011


Ten tips for securing your network against iPads and other 3G devices

Supporting consumer devices can be a headache for support teams, but Peter Durrant, UK sales director, LANDesk, says there are some important rules that could make the process far less painful.


1) Ensure that a robust and precise IT policy is in place that clearly outlines the accepted use of iPads within the business network. This should be clearly communicated with staff and a close alignment with the HR department is recommended

2) Encrypt e-mail sessions, which can be done via Microsoft’s ActiveSync, to discover all devices that connect to your network

3) Lock them with a strong passcode

4) Lock them automatically when they have been idle for set period

5) Wipe them clean if they are lost or stolen using your remote systems management tools

6) Wipe them after a set number of failed logins

7) Sign configuration profiles and protect them with passwords to avoid tampering

8)Provide easy routes for employees to report lost or stolen iPads – selfservice and support routes (web, email, and phone) to enable easy record and requests

9) Automate wiping. Enable ‘lost my iPad’ support processes raised by the device owners through support interfaces to perform a wipe automatically at any time

10) Ensure iPads are known and managed through your systems management system alongside all other IT-managed devices such as desktop computers, laptops and mobile phones

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