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Published on October 6th, 2011


“I expect a laptop and a smartphone” says next generation of workers

School leavers expect the technology they use in their social life to follow them to the workplace, with 70 per cent believing that smartphones and tablet computers will make it easier to do their jobs, according to a study from Siemens.

Social media is also seen as important, with almost half of those polled expecting to communicate with colleagues using Facebook, as is mobility, with 40 per cent wanting a laptop when starting a job, and almost a third saying technology will persuade them to work out of hours.

“To retain and maximise the productivity of “net natives”, organisations need to align their communications and technology environments to allow effective collaboration and information flow,” says Siemans vice-president Adrian Brookes.

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2 Responses to “I expect a laptop and a smartphone” says next generation of workers

  1. Matt Beran says:

    I’m not sure they expect you to provide them per-se (I know I don’t), but enable them to use theirs. Best thing I ever heard when I was hired: “We try to do everything without VPN” which I translated to: “You can use any device you want anytime”.

    AWESOME working environment, easy for me to work.

    • servicedesk360 says:

      Good point Matt, that sounds like the dream working environment.

      However, I think youngsters, especially in the UK, have an expectation that their employees will furnish them with the latest kit as soon as they start working. I could be on dangerous political ground saying that, but I think many will agree with me.

      James West

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