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Published on February 20th, 2012


IT should be the business technology saviour, not its police force

IT must stop acting like a technology ‘police’ force, and instead focus on innovating and developing services that help businesses work more effectively and profitably.  

Ian Aitchison, director of product management at LANDesk, told ServiceDesk360 that holding onto the IT status quo “won’t work” and that, rather than locking down technology, we must be inspiring businesses to work better.  “IT shouldn’t be the police, it should enable the customers of technology to do great things.  We are constantly impressed by how our customers are embracing this idea.  One business, for example, recently bought some App developer licences, but rather than giving them to IT, they have given them to the end users to see what tools and ideas they would come up with.”

The historical break/fix mentality of many service desks must quickly change according to Aitchison.  “The service desk should be the point in the business which employees know will give them guidance to work better, get them out of trouble and act as a centre of guidance and innovation.”

Ignoring the explosive growth of mobile devices is also ill-advised.  “The CEO of one of our large multi-national customers gave all the executives an iPad a year ago with the message: ‘you must get to grips with this now, or you will be irrelevant.’”

There is too much emphasis on the delivery mechanism and the behind-the-scenes elements of ITSM according to Aitchison.  “LANDesk products can be delivered on-premise, via cloud or a hybrid option.  Similarly, we are mapped against 15 ITIL processes, but it is important to use these features as a strength, rather than just a tickbox on a spec sheet.  Consumerisation is the biggest thing to hit IT, maybe ever, and certain employees have more knowledge of the latest technology than the service desk.  However, ITSM could be the saviour as it’s the only thing that can take the individual-centric view and manage it effectively.”


One Response to IT should be the business technology saviour, not its police force

  1. Nick Rapson says:

    I have to say I agree wholeheartedly with this. Too many of the environments I’ve been supporting have had restrictions in place, actively enforced by the IT Support departments. It’s exactly this kind of Ivory Tower mentality that gives IT a bad name – or at least, a gravely misunderstood one.

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