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Published on March 30th, 2012


Businesses ‘pay too little or expect too much‘ of service desk staff

Front line services are in danger of deteriorating because businesses are not willing to adequately reward staff, leading to a shortage of suitable IT support workers.   

Andrea Banks, CEO, Global Technology Solutions, told ServiceDesk360 that many organisations are still treating service desk staff as ‘entry level’ employees and are therefore not prepared to offer wages which attract strong candidates.  “Good helpdesk people are hard to find, even those with just one years experience are rare now.  The problem is that businesses are either paying too little or expecting too much.  Service desk people are crucial and don’t get the credit they deserve, all while taking flack when something out of their control goes wrong.  If you want to pay £17k, with the cost of living so high, these days you’ll be lucky to get a school leaver.”

The climate does however present an opportunity for skilled staff with front line experience.  “It’s certainly a candidates market, there are roles available and employers are wondering why they are not filling them,” says Banks.  This position of strength is further galvanised by the trend towards permanent staff.  “We’ve experienced a clear increase in the number of permanent roles since the introduction of AWR (Agency Workers Regulations designed to ensure that contractors receive, at a minimum, parity with their permanent counter parts in the work place), which means it can be more cost effective to employ someone on a permanent basis rather than utilising flexible contract staff.”

Banks is looking forward to working with ServiceDesk360 to match skilled staff with the right organisations, after developing the site’s new recruitment section.



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