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Published on December 8th, 2011


“Our service desk delivers value for money (we hope)”

Service desks will have a hard time securing funding for 2012 because they have no idea how much it costs to deliver IT support.

The fifth annual SDI benchmarking survey found that 75 per cent of desks fail to measure the cost of logging and actioning a support phone call, a figure that rises to 84 per cent of email traffic.

This lack of understanding blights other positive findings, including news that 85 per cent of desks are reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction by allowing remote logging of incidents.

Nigel Seddon, area director for LANDesk, the sponsor of the research, says support teams who build a basic understanding of costs will be able to state their case for funding more confidently.  “By accurately documenting activity levels, service desks have a real opportunity to highlight the value they’re providing to their organisation on a daily basis through customer engagement and support.”

Service desks are also advised to review the technology they use, with the research showing that more than 40 per cent of support teams use less than half of the functionality they are paying for.

On a more positive note, 83 per cent of service desks now measure customer satisfaction and 37 per cent expect to see staff headcount improve next year.  This compares favourably against the 2009 survey when 31 per cent were hopeful of drafting in more staff.

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One Response to “Our service desk delivers value for money (we hope)”

  1. Noel Bruton says:

    Interesting result. I believe we can all resolve this before Christmas. The IT Support Benchmarking Survey I’m currently asking people to help with, is based on a coded spreadsheet, not just a form. As you answer its simple questions, it actively calculates your desk’s manpower costs per call, separating those of first and second line fixes. It also calculates how much money your support desk potentially saves the company (which is typically millions, by the way). These private results are available to you ASAP after you submit your results – and in any case, before the full benchmark report. In other words, you can know the financial truths of your support desk by filling in the spreadsheet. Entry is free – for info, see this site at page or
    Noel Bruton, IT User Support Consultant and author, ‘How to Manage the IT Helpdesk’.

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